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Not long ago, doctor-strength glycolic acid was not available to the general public. It is now! The makers of  30Glycolic Skin Care have helped thousands of customers minimize the effects of sun damage, premature signs of aging, acne, hyperpigmentation and many more skin conditions that previously could only be treated at the doctor’s or esthetician’s office. Here at The Post-It Place we have been trying the 30 % glycolic acid and the Pink WOW skin care kit. OMG, you will not believe this stuff! In hindsight, I would have loved to post a before and after picture of both of us, but well, hindsight is 20/20 as they say. The Princess has had terrible acne for all of her teen years. We have been to dermatologists, we have tried MANY prescrition strenght and non-prescription strength remedies. None have worked. One regimine that the dermatologist prescribed helped slightly, not a lot and as soon as she missed a day or stop for a while it was back with vengence. Now, in comes 30Glycolic Skin Care. She has used it for 3 weeks and the difference is already amazing. It has worked FAR better than anything else we have tried…and that is A LOT. It has boosted her self-confidence immensly. She is so excited because next week is Prom and her face is almost clear. She uses the acid peel once a week and the cleaner/toner/moisturizer daily. It has been such a blessing for her.

For me, I tend to deny the fact that I have laugh lines or crows feet or sun damage. I just have not wanted to face those issues. But, after I used the 30Glycolic Skin Care System…the difference shows. I look younger and my skin just FEELS better than it has in years. It is smooth and soft. Wrinkles and Lines are diminished. And well, it makes me feel better too. Cause you know me, my head says I am a spry 20 year old. My body and the mirror reflect reality. I like my head so much better! Now, my skin reflects how I feel.

For approximately the price of only one doctor’s visit you can purchase 20 to 25 treatments of physician’s strength 30% glycolic acid. That’s $1,200 in Peels in One 8oz Bottle! And when I say the results are amazing…I am not exaggerating.  Both The Princess and I LOVE their products for very different reasons, but we do love them. They have made us feel good and look good.

Now, I highly suggest that you visit 30Glycolic and enter their monthly drawing for a skin care set of your own. But if you have a teen with acne BUY NOW! If you have wrinkles and sun damage…BUY NOW. You won’t be sorry that you did. We weren’t!

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