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Paprika Bento Boxes

Have you seen the new +/0+/???


I am in LOVE
Serious, serious organizational, OCD soothing, love!
Most storage boxes are just that, storage boxes. Bento Boxes are ohhh so much more. They are designed to organize your items rather than just storing them. See, the inside can be divided up into sections, divide and conquer baby!

Bento helps you organize with:

Flex Dividers
Bento’s Flex Dividers allow users to customize the inside of the box, creating organization solutions that are perfect for a variety of needs. Flex Dividers pop open when needed, and simply pop back when read more


rubbermaid logo

Did you know that Rubbermaid has a new line of GLASS storage containers? Ohhhh, watch me drool. These are so great. Glass. Doesn’t stain when you put spaghetti sauce in them and then try to heat it up in the microwave! That’s big folks. Really big! AND, you can not only store food in them, and microwave them but you can put them in the oven…and the freezer. These are perfect for all those 4th of July leftovers we are going to have this evening. Then tomorrow I can warm them up and eat all over again! read more


Every year at Christmas I have several traditions that I look forward to more and more. The first is my wrapping paper. Each year I look for a different theme to use to wrap all of my gifts. This year I chose white wrapping paper and each person has their own color of ribbon and bows. It is very colorful but looks WONDERFUL with my new white Christmas tree. I will work on getting a picture up in the next few days so you can see.

The second is that me and my family will spend a couple of days in the kitchen making read more


The winner of the Kroger giftcard:
The winner of the Rubbermaid Reveal Mop:
Emma Horton

I have been working on painting my bathroom this week. Yes, I said week. What should take normal people approx. 1 day is taking me forever. It is getting quiet comical because anytime anyone calls they ask what I am doing and I tell them painting the bathroom the stock response is now “STILL?” Yes, still. Ok, I am going to cross my fingers and hope that my Mother isn’t reading read more

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