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Coffee Easy and Perfect Everytime! (GIVEAWAY)

I have had my Keurig Brewer for several months now…and I love it as much today as when I first got it. It makes the perfect cup of coffee each and every time with no guess work involved. No measuring or guessing how much coffee grounds to use, no measuring … Read more

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House-Autry Mills (GIVEAWAY and a COUPON)

HouseAutry Gift Basket

I recently was introduced to a fabulous company that makes all kinds of breaders, corn meals, and biscuit mix. The funny thing about it is that I have been eating House-Autry Mills products for years and had no clue. A couple of local restaurants use their products and my … Read more

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You CAN Do The Rubiks Cube (GIVEAWAY)

rubik's cubeThe Rubik’s Cube celebrates its 30th birthday this year. That means 30 year of frustration, then learning how to cheat the cube by taking the stickers off and re-applying them to make it look as if you had solved the puzzle. I remember when they first came out (yep, … Read more

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A Cool Treat on a Hot Day

Bre Over Ice Keurig Cup

A good cup of coffee in the middle of 100 degree weather can be hard to take sometimes. It is just so hot that you really don’t want a hot beverage but you still want that coffee fix. Well, take a look at the new Green Mountain Coffee Brew Over Read more

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Summer is Officially Here! (GIVEAWAY)

dress barn promo

Today is the first official day of summer. Here in the South, it has felt like Summer for a couple of months now though. I am thrilled to let you know about a new campaign that Dress Barn has going on. Dress Barn is excited to kick off a new … Read more

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