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My family looks forward to Family Movie Night and it just so happens that it is taking place this Saturday night!! We are all so excited to grab our popcorn and pile up to watch the new family friendly movie that will be airing on NBC at 8 PM EST on June 11th. It just so happens that it is also Tate’s birthday which makes it an even better reason to celebrate.

I had the privilege of getting to watch an early screening of the new family movie that is made possible thanks to P&G/Walmart and let me just tell you , this is the read more


Truth Be Told

We have all done it. Told what we perceive as a little “white” lie. We make ourselves believe that it is for the benefit of others. Or that no one will really ever know. But, there comes a time we have to ask ourselves…when is it really ever ok to lie? Where’s the line between a little one or big one? When is it white? And would we approve if our kids told a lie?
The new P&G movie “Truth Be Told” is on Saturday, April 16th on FOX at 8pm/7ct. I can’t emphasize enough how great this movie is.  I had read more


Change of Plans

I am soooo excited!! On January 8th, 2011 the next Walmart/P&G movie will hit the air!! You are going to LOVE this movie. It has extra special meaning to me for many different reasons…one of which is the fact that I had the privilege of being on the set while part of it was being filmed. I got to meet the actors and actresses along with a ton of the behind the scenes people. It was the trip of a lifetime and one that I will never forget.
“Change of Plans” is a humorous and heartwarming story that read more


jensen project promo

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to go to New York for a preview of a new family friendly movie that will show on NBC on Friday July 16, 2010 at 8:00 EST/7:00 CST. It is such a fabulous movie! You may already be seeing the commercials announcing the movie, I know I am. My whole family can’t wait until the 16th. They have heard me rave about the movie so much.

“The Jensen Project”  follows the overwhelming success of “Secrets of the Mountain”, if you haven’t seen that movie…you really should. These movies focus on read more

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