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Nicole took me to a Chinese Restaurant in China Town while I was in New York City. I love Chinese Food! At least I thought I did. I have never had anything like what we ate..and after the meal I had I don’t think I will ever be able to eat at the little Americanized place that I am used to. The food was delicious. All of the fried rice I have had has always been yellow…and it tastes nothing like the fried rice from Hop Kee. I didn’t order, I left it up to Nicole since she is a regular there and she did a fantastic job. I do not have pictures because my batteries died and I forgot to bring extra….I did pick some up after we left the restaurant…and I did bring home all of the left-overs for my family to enjoy…so you get pictures after it has traveled from NY to GA.


I can’t tell you what any of it is other than the pork fried rice. Maybe we can get Nicole to pop in and leave a comment on what we ate. About all I can say is that it was delicious…even my family loved it and said it was absolutely the best Chinese Food they had ever had.

So, if you are ever in New York City and are looking for some fab food, check out Hop Kee which is located in China Town, on a corner. You have to look though or you will miss it because it is downstairs below the street level…but it is worth every step you take for it.

Then we went to Little Italy…and this is what we happened upon:


An Italian Bakery. I just had to bring everyone home a cannoli. I could have spent a TON of money in here. Everything was so pretty that it looked artificial. And it was slap your mamma good! Nicole sent me home with a cup full of little pastry balls that had been rolled in honey…I would show you a picture, but they are all gone. They didn’t last long at all. We have no control. I’m sorry.

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