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kitchen cabinets

I am still dreaming of a new kitchen. Well, not a WHOLE new kitchen, just new cabinets, new counter-tops, new flooring and a new sink. I know pretty much how i want it to look. I just need the funds to get it there. I spent hours upon hours in Home Depot the other day designing and dreaming. They have all kinds of great new cabinets by Kraft Maid and I could live with any of them but this is pretty much what I am dreaming about:

I think this color would look fabulous with my copper walls. It just looks warm read more


I am loving the new do around here.  Sassy and I have been talking about it for days and here it is!

I hope you like it cause I love it! Let me know if you find some kinks we may need to work on. There may be a few more changes here and there but the overall look is in place.

I would also love for you to grab my new badge, you can see it in the sidebar over there…see, cute huh?!

It’s like being on the best diet pills for months and finally looking in the mirror! Streamlined, sleek and easy on the read more


Oh, that’s right. This is the right place. It just got a new Do. I love my new look thanks to Sassy! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. It does seem to be easier on the eyes. And while I do love Orange, I am over-joyed with my make-over. If anyone is looking for a make-over for their blog go by Sassy’s place. She is just getting started doing blog make-overs and I know she will be happy to talk to you about what you would like. Don’t be like me though…I have a hard time deciding and I avoid her read more

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