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Baby Abby

The picture above is Abigale when she was little. She is our little bundle of mess. That is the best way I know how to describe her. She is always into something and is the happiest dog I have ever met.

Abby - One year old

This is Abby today…on her first birthday!

Still a bundle of happiness and always into something.

She was so excited to hear that it was her birthday and sat pretty for her birthday picture.

We really didn’t do anything special other than eat a spoonful of peanut butter, her most favorite treat. She thought about looking through the Outer Banks foreclosures to see if we could find a house on the beach but then I told her just how often she would have to get a bath if she lived near the sand and how hurricanes come through there. She decided it would be a great place to visit but not worth moving…I agreed.

Happy Birthday my little Abby-normal!! You bring joy to our lives everyday!

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