Jun 232014

Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Mango Chutney

 I had a bowl full of Mangoes that needed to be used sitting on the counter.

After looking at them for a couple of days I decided they really needed to be made into a chutney. Because I love chutneys.

I love them a lot!

So, after making a chutney … Read more

Jun 192014

Fried Biscuits and Strawberry Gravy

Oh my goodness. Fried biscuits. Strawberry Gravy. Mix the two…and heaven is created. I mean really. How can you go wrong? That’s right, you can’t hardly. This is something like our great-grandmothers would fix for a treat…and what a treat it is.

What exactly ARE fried biscuits? Well, they are … Read more