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Have you ever heard of grown men and women going out to specifically play in the mud?

That is exactly what these 4 guys think we should do.
Meet the team of the Blackfoot Mud Run. What the heck is a Mud Run? Well, a race in the mud…through obstacles and mud pits. Turns out this is a hugely popular sport. And Hicktown now has one! Who knew?? Seriously though, we get braggin’ rights. We have the only purpose built mud run facility in the country. Most of the time the coordinators of a mud run rent a field and set one up for a weekend. Ours, read more



Spring. Summer. Ahhh, weather fitting to be outdoors…FINALLY! We were all so tired of being cooped up this winter. Now that spring has arrived and summer is on it’s way we are taking advantage of the sun and fun. This year Radio Flyer has some fabulous new outdoor toys to help us along the way:

Check out The Radio Flyer Smooth Rider! With high performance features and a cool, classic design, the Radio Flyer Smooth Rider scooter is perfect for cruising around town with friends. The kids have had a ball at home and at the park with the Radio Flyer read more



Vandal Hearts by Konami Digital Entertainment has been a huge hit in our house. It is a fairly challenging game, which means that it lasts more than an hour…and that is a VERY good thing in my house. For an arcade game it has good graphics and a good story line. The gameplay is pretty fun but the battles themselves could have been a little better explained…like why Conner goes on frenzys?  All in all its a good game and something that will definitely continue to be played in our house. It is one of those games that read more


When I was a little kids I loved going to my grandparents house and getting to ride on the John Deer Tractor. It was always the big thrill. They also had a small metal one that you had to pedal. It was made for kids so that they wold have their very own John Deer. Now as I ride by the John Dee store in the city I always reminisce about riding the tractor with my Grandfather and fighting over the ride-on with my siblings and cousins.
Now, your child can experience the John Deer action through the John read more

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