I love a good Reuben

ingredients for a reuben sandwich

I love a good Reuben.

Corned beef, sauerkraut, cheese and mustard.


reuben sandwich

Some folks like to use thousand island dressing.

Not Us.

Give me a good spicy mustard any day for my Reuben.

reuben sandwich

And I like my corned beef heated please.

reuben sandwich

And piled on thick.

reuben sandwich

With a side of chips if you don’t mind.

My life just might be complete now.

Reuben Sandwich

1 lb shaved corned beef (I get mine in the deli of our local grocer)

Sliced cheese of choice, I usually get Swiss but we also like Havarti and Provolone.


Sourdough Bread

Spicy Mustard

Heat up the sauerkraut in a frying pan and heat thoroughly.  Take some of the corned beef and heat it in a separate frying pan until the edges start to brown. Toast your bread in a toaster.

Lay the toasted bread out and slather some spicy mustard on one side, place the cheese on the other slice of toast. Top with the corned beef and some sauerkraut.

Put it all together and you are done.

East and Enjoy!

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5 comments to I love a good Reuben

  • Ann B.  says:

    That looks delicious! Another Great Sandwich is Called Reubens Brother. Exact same sandwich only using Pastrami instead of corned beef…Yum! Give it a shot if you like pastrami.

    • The Jilly Bean  says:

      I will have to try that Ann. I have never heard of one but sounds great!

  • Nancy  says:

    I love a good Reuben too!

  • Dina  says:

    A good Reuben is a thing of beauty! (and yumminess)

  • Michelle R.  says:

    I also love Reubens, but have never tried one with mustard. I’ll definitely give it a chance, thanks for the suggestion.

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