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There are several meats that you can always find either on sale or marked down. That is chicken (either in drumsticks, quarters or thighs) and cube steak.

The thing with cube steak is that it can be pretty tough. I make it several different ways but this is our all-time favorite. It is so tender it just falls apart with the stir of a wooden spoon. Yep, seriously. It isn’t a pretty dish, but it sure is delicious! When Bric first saw it he was like eww, this looks like dog food…but after he tasted it he was really impressed. He also mentioned that it wasn’t like regular cube steak that you had to cut with a utility knife. He loved the taste and how tender it is. I also had a friend try it out and she says it is now her families favorite!!

crockpot cube steak ingredientsCrockpot Cube Steak and Gravy

Cube steak   (I used a family size pack)
2 cans (10.75 ounce size) cream of mushroom soup
1 envelope onion soup mix
3/4  cup water

Salt and Pepper to taste


Place all ingredients in a crock pot. Cook on low all day. Serve over rice, noodles, mashed potatoes or with your favorite side dishes.


crockpot cube steak plated

I told you it wasn’ t pretty. But I do promise it is good!!

We like it with about everything. Here I served it with green beans, sweet potatoes and a crescent roll. But it is really good over rice or noodles or with mashed potatoes. That way you have something to smother in the gravy. We just sopped our gravy up with our crescent rolls this time…so if that is what you have, I give you permission to do the same.

Just don’t tell my Momma, she would have a hissie fit just thinking of me sopping something up on my plate and would berate me from here to yonder knowing I said it was ok for you to as well.

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  1. Dies this work with round steak?

  2. Well you were right on it not looking too pretty, lol. Just got home a little bit ago to a home that smelled delish…cooking up some little red potatoes and field peas to go with it. The gravy tastes great, meat is falling apart tender, can’t wait to sit down and eat!

  3. How many hours do you cook the cube steak on low

  4. I used Campbell’s French Onion condensed soup, if you like onions you will love it made with this. I floured the steaks, salt and pepper and then fried them in a pan. let them simmer for 45 mins and they were very tender.

  5. I made this for supper the other night and put it on macaroni noodles and it was amazing!!

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  7. Could this be made as a freezer meal? And if so, how? Thanks!

    • I am not sure Kimberly. I have never really gotten into freezer meals but maybe someone else can chime in and give suggestions.

  8. Can I use mushroom gravy instead of soup? I don’t have andy cream of anything soup…

  9. My husband usually does all the cooking. His mom is a true southern cook who taught him everything she knows. He is also a deer hunter and we just got in a fresh supply of deer cubed steak. When I saw this recipe I decided to give it a try and surprise him by cooking for once. I wanted to make sure all the meat was covered so I ended up using 2 cans Cream of Mushroom and 1 can Cream of Chicken. I decided to use milk instead of water. I sprinkled some Lawry’s Seasoning Salt on each of the pieces and kinda pressed it in (he uses his seasoning a lot). Then I crossed my fingers, hoping it would turn out okay. I was simply amazed at the flavor and how tender the meat was. My 11 year old said it was the best thing I had ever cooked. And when my hubby got home from work he was surprised (I also made crockpot mashed potatoes for the first time) and said it tasted wonderful. I am SO happy you shared this recipe! :)

  10. I’ve made this in the past and my kids love it. Tonight I’m also taking some to a neighbor who doesn’t like mushrooms so I am making it with french onion soup and added in a sauteed onion as well. Smells delicious. I think my other neighbor was hinting for some when she came by to borrow something lol. Guess I’m going to have to start making 2 crock pots full if I’m going to feed more people.

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  12. It’s even better if you brown the meat 1st and add about 1/3 cup of wine and 1- 2 T Horseradish!

  13. I made this today, and cannot believe how tender the cube steaks came out. Also to add more flavor, I added some Tonys, and Worcestershire. I have to say I was really impressed. Thanks!

  14. This meal was definately not a keeper, my family wasn’t very happy with it.

  15. Really want to try this but my family doesn’t really like mushrooms. Does anyone have a suggestion of what I can replace the cream of mushroom with, that would still give it a great gravy and meaty flavor? Thanks in advance :)

    • I would use cream of onion soup mix Kassidy. You can use most any kind of cream soup and be fine if you don’t like the onions either.

    • I would use cream of celery. season with garlic powder. season the steak with season salt and ground pepper.

    • I have made this same meal with cream of celery. It is just as amazing. It also comes out great with pork chops or chicken breast. Yum yum.

  16. When you say leave it on all day, how many hours? I am new to this and don’t want to mess anything up.

  17. I was wondering if I put the meat in frozen or thaw it out first? Thank you =)

  18. Was wondering if anyone had tried this with deer cube steak? My husband has become quite the hunter. With so much deer, beef is on it’s way out of my house (already out of my deep freezer)! Might give it a try tonight, if so I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  19. Could you make this with bottom round steak cuts??

  20. I have done this many times and my husband loves it! He is born and raised in the south so he knows cube steak and gravy and says this is the best he’s had! I want to make it tonight but don’t have the cream of mushroom can I use cream of chicken w/out compromising the taste?


  21. I think my husband would like this but I am very concerned about how much sodium this recipe contains. Has anyone tried this with organic, low sodium soups?

  22. I have made this for years. I don’t use the water, though and I flour and salt and pepper the meat and pan fry it for the crispy/crunchie stuff, transfer over to the crock pot,, add the other ingredients. Low for 3-4 hours otherwise ,you are correct , it comes out looking like mush but still delicious, melts in your mouth.

    • That’s a great idea to brown the meat first! I made this yesterday and it was really pretty good! Not the most attractive looking dish-but tasty. I added fresh mushrooms the last 30 minutes and used low fat cream of mushroom soup.

  23. Sorry I meant moist.

  24. How can 3/4 water keep the meat warm for cooking it 8 hours? It just seems like it’s not enough water. Thanks

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  26. do u brown the meat first?

  27. Do you add water to the cans of mushroom soup? Also how many pounds of cube steak? Recepie calls for 1 familly size pack. I bought 2lbs


  29. Made this for dinner tonight and even my pickiest eater loved it. Really good over rice.

  30. Brown your meat in a little oil and flour it. Add the meat to crockpot with some of the drippings. I cooked mine on high 3-4 hrs

  31. This is an amazing recipe! My family loved it, and it was super easy to make!! Thanks for sharing!!

  32. I’d like to add fresh mushrooms & some onion. Any adjustments needed in adding those things or can it all be added at the beginning? If cooking on low is “all day” considered 8 hrs? I have a dual purpose pressure cooker/slow cooker. Do you know what temperature is considered low? high? Is low for example, 180 degrees?
    Thank you!

  33. I assume the gravy is made with the added ingredients? It looks yummy and very easy!

  34. Out of all the recipes I’ve tried from Pinterest- this is my family’s favorite! LOVE IT! Perfect! I added a jar of sliced mushrooms about 15 minutes before serving (we love mushrooms). I would recommend a decent amount of meat though, me and my husband can eat atleast 1lb during the meal (it cooks down a lot), so if you want leftovers for a family of two, go with 2 lbs. Also, watch it closely, because if you over cook it, it will just be tiny tiny pieces. Served with mashed potatoes and rolls!

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  36. Hey! I saw this recipe on pinterest, and just had to tell you that this is exactly how my mom makes our roast!

    We just get roast, rub some salt and pepper on it,

    Combine 1 can of cream of mushroom soup and 1 can of golden mushroom (or 2 cans of cream of mushroom or 2 cans of golden mushroom), One can of water, One packet of onion soup mix and pour a little in the bottom of the crockpot, then put roast in. Cover with remaining soup mix and put on low in crockpot all day!

    Tastes wonderful! You can serve with any side dish or we like to cut up potatoes and stick those and carrots in with the roast! :)

    Happy Eating!

  37. This recipe sounds delicious, can’t wait to try it. Was wondering, would golden mushroom soup work as well, we aren’t really crazy about the regular mushroom soup. also could beef broth be use in place of water or part of each.

  38. Can you cook this for 3-4 hours on high to save time?

  39. About how many pounds of meat were in your family pack? I have a large family and usually use a Costco pack (around 4-5 pounds) and am trying to decide whether I should double the rest of the ingredients.

  40. I made this and it came out excellent! Though I did change a few things, I made my own cream of mushroom soup and to that I added the onion mix and poured over the cube steak. Added my water last. What an awesome dish. Thanks for sharing!

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