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My eyes are bloodshot, my stomach is growling and I need a serious intervention people. Really. I am not kidding. I am never going to fit through my doors after the holidays.  See, I met someone. Someone wonderful! And I was up with them all night. Oh, it was such comfort. It was so sensual. I am in love…with ALL of her recipes. Yes, I am having an affair with

See all the colored tabs? Those are all recipes that I want to try…soon. There are a couple that I am going to make for Thanksgiving. But I want to make them all, now. There are some recipes that she has that are already some family favorites here, which tells me, she and I have similar tastes. Like…Orange Balls. Remember awhile back when I made Orange Balls? Yep, she makes them. Many recipes I have never heard of and never tried…so I have lots of new things to present to my family and friends.

Whether you are a seasoned cook or just a beginner, you will fall in love with Dana, her recipes, and her family and friends as you walk through the fabric of her life. You will feel as if you have made a whole new batch of friends as you make recipes from each one and hear the story behind it. Like the waffles they have on Christmas morning as big glasses of milk chill in the freezer, a tradition started years ago by her father.

The GRITS-GIRLS cookbooks are must have for every kitchen and would make anyone a GREAT Christmas gift.  And Dana has graciously offered a WHOLE set (yes, all 3 books) to ONE of you lucky readers.

To Enter: Visit Grits-Girls and let me know which book you think your favorite would be. All entries must be received by December 2 at 5PM EST. Must have a valid US address. Winner will be selected at random, notified by e-mail and will have 3 days at the close of contest to reply before another winner will be selected. For extra entries…blog it and link back to this post. Stumble it. New subscribers to RSS feed.  Leave all extra entries in a separate comment please.

If you would like to order a copy of any of the Grits-Girls cookbook series for yourself or as a gift, click HERE. Also, Dana will personally sign your copy if you just let her know.

76 comments to Grits-Girls (giveaway)

  • Cee  says:

    I would probably have to go with “GRITS: A Celebration of Southern Recipes from Family and Friends” before trying any of the others. My husband, daughter, and I all love Southern food (DH is from TN, and it’s where we currently live), and I’d love to learn how to cook his favorites ;)

    Thank you for this GREAT giveaway!!

  • Preston  says:

    I love the Grits book because I love Grits. The only thing better in the morning than grits is scrapple. But these are Southern Gals and I bet they know their grits.

  • Ashley Barnhart  says:

    Put just a little bit more on my plate…please!
    I would love it if my boys and husband would say that to me!
    hope i win!

  • Deborah T  says:

    “Is anyone looking…Okay, I’ll have one more slice!” I think would be great!

  • Shelia  says:


  • Joree  says:

    Go for the first one-GRITS!
    It is obvious, that once you get that one, you will have to have them all…..they are all so wonderful.
    Have you ever had a yearnng for some great recipe that you remember from your past? Well chances are you will find it in one of her cookbooks..and new recipes too!
    These books are must-haves! Oh….by the way, I have a recipe in the first book!

  • Rebecca C  says:

    I blogged about this giveaway: Here


  • Rebecca C  says:

    I am a subscriber!


  • Rebecca C  says:

    I stumbled your giveaway

    Username: wastebasketsa


  • Rebecca C  says:

    Is anyone looking…Okay, I’ll have one more slice! because I find the name to be funny! I was born and raised in the South and I miss it a lot. People tend to think Oklahoma is the South but it isn’t anything close. Its just a distictly different world!

  • CrystalGB  says:

    GRITS: A Celebration of Southern Recipes from Family and Friends

  • MaryBeth I  says:

    GRITS: A Celebration of Southern Recipes from Family and Friends – I live in the south but really don’t know how to cook southern food….

    misaacmom [at] gmail [dot] com

  • betty rood  says:

    would have to be The original grits: A Celebration of Southern Recipes from Family and Friends… i love southern cooking as i am southern born and raised..thank you and merry christmas everyone!
    God bless


  • Tamara B.  says:

    Put just a little bit more on my plate…please! sounds like a great cookbook to have. Thank-you.

  • michele p  says:

    I lived in FL when I was 8-9 years old for a little over a year. I loved the Southern Cooking-and long to go back again (last time was in 2000 twice!) and sample some more wonderful foods from my youth. I can remember corn dogs I first tried in FL, then moved back to ME and had to wait some years for us to get them here! My favorite cookbook would be the Grits one, tried and true Southern recipes-definitely giving me the chance to make some comfort food here in the chilly Northeast!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  • Jackie B.  says:

    The “Grits” one is the one I would start with. Being a true Southerner myself, I love tried and true Southern recipes!

  • Valerie Mitchell  says:

    they all sound good, but I’d probably choose the 1st one – love that they are recipes from family and friends :)

  • Genevieve Larson  says:

    GRITS: A Celebration of Southern Recipes from Family and Friends
    Probably best to start from the beginning

  • Mandy  says:

    I’d like to try “Please just a little more on my plate”….I’d love it it my middle child said that!!!:)

  • J.  says:

    I think I’d want to try the orginial “Grits” cookbook “GRITS: A Celebration of Southern Recipes from Family and Friends”


  • Karen  says:

    GRITS: A Celebration of Southern Recipes from Family and Friends would be great!

  • Karen  says:

    “Is anyone looking…Okay, I’ll have one more slice!” looks wonderful – tested recipes that Dana’s family enjoys – the best critics!

  • Patricia A'amina  says:

    The original “GRITS: A Celebration of Southern Recipes from Family and Friends” would be great!

  • Charlotte  says:

    I am a total cookbook addict! I would love to start out with the original Grits cookbook, and then I would have to get the rest, too!

  • tricia  says:

    I think I would try with the orginial “Grits” cookbook and see what inspired it all.

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