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I have a wind chime above my kitchen sink that has been there for years. When the window is open and a breeze is blowing it sends music throughout my kitchen. Even if you just bump your head on it while washing dishes you get a tune. My Mom has always loved it. So, while we were at the Apple Festival we found a company called Bottle Benders. They make the prettiest wind chimes, ones that are perfect for a kitchen window. After much contemplation, we decided on the perfect one for above her sink.

This was her favorite. Colorful. Great sound. Just what she was looking for.

She now has her treasure residing above her sink for those perfect days when the window is open and the breeze is blowing through. It is appropriately called Summertime, and that is just what it makes you think of when the chimes clink together and send a tune as you cook.

Bottle Benders is a family owned company started in 1970 that involves all of the members, including the bird and dogs. They use recycled materials in everything that they make and are very environmentally friendly. Check out their about us page to learn all about them. They are located here in Georgia down the road a bit (ok, so several hours down the road, but still neighbors in my book). They not only make beautiful products but are a delight to chat with. I have found what great customer service they have, and how helpful they are on any matter you need to discuss with them. I am soon going to have to replace the old chimes in my kitchen, and I am definitely going to replace them with a set of chimes from Bottle Benders. Mine will be a set of the circle chimes though. I just fell in love with them.

Other than wind chimes you will see several other fun products that they make such as spoon rests and cheese boards.

The Bottle Bender family is offering you the opportunity to win one of their handcrafted chimes! Go check out their website and then let me know which one you fall in love with for a chance to win a sunset rainbow chime

Any of their products would make a great gift! Whether it be a just because gift, a Christmas gift, house-warming, etc. And at such an affordable price, how can you pass it up?

To Enter To Win:

Leave a comment here telling which one you love
Entries must be received by Friday Nov. 7th at 9 AM EST

For extra entries you can stumble this post (let me know in a separate comment) or you can blog about this contest and link back to it (let me know in a separate comment) and/or you can subscribe to my feed (let me know in a separate comment).

Only open to residents of the US (must have a valid US address)
Winner will be selected randomly and notified via e-mail. Winner has 3 days to contact me with address before another winner will be selected.

72 comments to Soothing The Soul (CONTEST)

  • wendy  says:

    Did they move? Are they still around? The URL is no longer there.

  • ErvinTW  says:

    Thanks! Nice post.

  • Rebecca C  says:

    I am a subscriber!

  • Rebecca C  says:

    I stumbled your giveaway

    Username: wastebasketsa

  • Rebecca C  says:

    I blogged about this giveaway: Here

  • Rebecca C  says:

    I really like October Afternoon. These are so neat!

  • Debijo  says:

    Love the wind dancers the best.

  • Sarah  says:

    The wind dancers are my favorite. its hard cause everything’s so colorful and happy there. I like the bowl on the homepage too but its not up yet.

  • Janie  says:

    I love the chimes with dragonflies and hummingbirds on them. My grandmother’s house was filled with treasures like these and seeing them definitely made me think of her. =)

  • Jason  says:

    Loved the hummingbirds and dragonflys

  • Angie  says:

    The purple Butterfly in Flight is pretty!

  • Lori W  says:

    This is beautiful!! I would love to have one of these.

  • Karyn  says:

    I blogged about the chimes and your give away!

  • Karyn  says:

    I love the diamond wind dancers! But the circle chimes are so lovely too! I love wind chimes and the pleasant and soothing sound they make!

  • Cindy B. in Montana  says:

    I’ve posted about your great giveaway on my blog, thanks!

  • Cindy B. in Montana  says:

    Looks like I forgot to comment that I an now a subscriber! Thanks!

  • Tammy W  says:

    I like the chili peppers (but they’re all great!). I’ve seen these somewhere before? Cool stuff!

  • Jill W  says:

    I’m a new subscriber, thanks!

  • Jill W  says:

    I like the Mardi Gras Fish & the Glacier Meltdown-pretty cool, thanks!

  • Valerie  says:

    I love Starshine a lot

  • Tracye  says:

    I like the Wine Cellar chime. I really like the spoon rest you posted a picture of, but couldn’t find it on their site.

  • Jesica  says:

    I’m a subscriber

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